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Broadcast Your Branded Youtube or Vimeo Video Content on Blackworld!
Reach the fastest growing Cross-Multicultural Consumer Audience Online.


Blackworld can help you reach a diversified consumer audience with your branded content everyday. Our Native HTML5 Media platform, engages viewers by skillfully integrating branded video content as a mashup, alongside other editorial media content. We are progressively structuring our video media platform to simulate the success of how programming works on TV.

Blackworld brings quality exposure to any Media Assets online and also on Connected TV, without all the noise and clutter. Viewers engage more exclusively with your video, leading to higher cognitive retention and better branding. Fortune 500 Companies and SME's are starting to utilise branded content as a media marketing strategy, to develop sustainable digital relationships with online consumers.

We Broadcast Branded Video Content in any of the following Genre's:

  • Business, Products & Services, Finance, Human Resources, Business Events and Career Videos

  • Movie Trailers, Drama's, Music, Gaming, Talk Shows, Lifestyle & General Entertainment.

  • Educational PR Videos, University & College Marketing Videos, Online Courses etc.

  • Sports Marketing, Sporting Events & Sports News & Reporting.

  • Healthcare & Medical Related Videos

  • Travel Information & Tourism Videos

  • Beauty & Fitness Videos

  • Automotive & Logistics Videos

  • Documentaries, Nature & Discovery

  • Technology & Science Videos

  • Law & Legal Services

Promoting your branded video content frequently, will help align your products and services with consumers beyond banner and video advertising. Think of branded content in the same way you think of PR!

It's so simple and exciting! Start promoting Branded Video Content on Blackworld Today.

Email us for pricing and more information: advertising@blackworld.com

Blackworld reserves the right to refuse any video that may be deemed inappropriate for our viewer audience and consumers.

Blackworld helps you discover and connect with all the things you love or need, and new people you'd like to meet. Helping change the world through connectivity!
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